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'No More No Less' Customised Radiotherapy Beam Shaper

The Problem

Additional radiation (boost) to specific tumor area has been mostly directed via standard square or rectangular lead shapes. This causes radiation to affect normal breast tissues that are not part of the tumor area.

Additional radiation boost is usually require by patients who undergo breast conserving surgery after their radiotherapy.

Technological Solution

Customized Shaped Electron Boost for Tumor Bed Targeting


We customise the lead cut out for each individual patient which allows us to tailor the boost area and reduce the amount of normal breast tissue included in the radiation field.

CSR is the only private oncology centre in Singapore with mould room facilities that allows for fabrication of customised lead plaques which are used to shape the radiation beam for Tumor Bed Boost treatments. Our plagues are customised based on each patient’s unique tumor site.

Customised Radiotherapy Beam Shaper
Customised Radiotherapy Beam Shaper
Customised Radiotherapy Beam Shaper
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