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Your All Women
Breast Radiotherapy Team

We are focused on delivering PRECISION with our multi-disciplinary EXPERTISE because we are committed to deliver the quality treatment you deserve.

Most importantly, as ladies, we understand and pay ATTENTION to what matters to you.

Breast Radiotherapy Asian Alliance Radiation & Oncology

Your Privacy

We value your privacy. Mammograms, breast cancer screenings, radiation therapy and physical examinations will be conducted exclusively by our all female team.

Your Complete Breast Care Solution

Our centre offers a comprehensive suite of solutions for breast cancer patients. Click to find out more.

Preserving Your Breast with
Breast Conservation Therapy (BCT)


BCT is a breakthrough procedure of lumpectomy + breast radiotherapy, resulting in similar local control rates as mastectomy, allowing women to keep their breast.

Modern surgical and radiotherapy techniques have further enhanced patient outcomes, such that surgical scars are much smaller and hidden. Oncoplastic surgery repairs the cavity from the lumpectomy and radiotherapy is given over much shorter duration, and side effects are usually no more than a mild sun tan!


Under good hands, thousands of women have been able to keep breast in good natural shape without the need for any complicated surgeries or procedures which may entail all kinds of risks.

Breast Radiotherapy Asian Alliance Radiation & Oncology

Credit: Anaono

Meet Our Breast Specialist

Michelle Tseng Shu Fen

Michelle is the first female radiation oncologist in private oncology care. She brings with her 10 years of clinical experience and sub-specialty expertise in Breast, Gynaecological (Cervix, Uterus & Ovarian), Paediatric and Haematological cancers to the AARO clinical team.

Michelle is passionate about women's health and believes strongly that patients must be comfortable with their treating doctors. This led her to sub-specialise in Women's cancers so that women have a choice to be cared for by a female specialist.

Breast Radiotherapy Asian Alliance Radiation & Oncology Dr Michelle Tseng


Breast Radiotherapy Asian Alliance Radiation & Oncology

In an exclusive feature with Channel NewsAsia (CNA), Dr Michelle Tseng, who leads our All Women Cancer Care Team, shares about her approach to treating patients.

In it, she shares her mission to prioritize the mental and emotional health of a breast cancer patient alongside the clinical management and treatment of their disease.

Stories of Hope

Read the inspirational stories of people who have fought breast cancer.

You May Find This Useful
  • How long is a breast radiation treatment?
    Each treatment session takes about 10-15mins, this includes the time needed to move the patient into the correct position and to treat the patient.
  • What does radiotherapy do to your breast?
    Radiotherapy is used in breast cancer treatment to kill any microscopic cancer cells that may be present after surgery. This helps to prevent the cancer from coming back. However, there are some side effects such as skin changes, fatigue, and changes in texture of the breast tissue. These side effects are usually temporary and resolve after treatment ends. There may be long term changes to the breast tissue such as fibrosis (thickening and scarring of the tissue) or changes in breast size or shape.
  • Is radiotherapy good for breast cancer?
    When radiotherapy is recommended as part of the treatment plan for a breast cancer patient, it is usually done to help to reduce the risk of the cancer coming back.
  • Do all breast cancers need radiotherapy?
    Not all breast cancers need radiotherapy. The need for radiotherapy depends on the type of surgery done as well as the stage of the cancer.
  • Can breast radiotherapy cause nausea?
    No, radiotherapy to the breast does not cause nausea.
  • Can breast radiotherapy cause headaches?
    Radiotherapy to the breast does not cause headaches.
  • Is breast radiotherapy painful?
    Breast radiotherapy is not painful, patients do not feel anything during treatment.
  • How does breast radiotherapy work?
    Breast radiotherapy works by targeting high dose radiation to the breast tissue with the aim of killing microscopic cancer cells.
  • How to prepare for breast radiotherapy?
    Patients can moisturize the skin area that will be targeted by the radiation. Ensure that the skin area is not exposed to strong sunlight for long periods. Maintain a healthy diet, stay well- hydrated and ensure enough rest.
  • What can I expect from radiation for breast cancer?
    Radiation for breast cancer has short term and long term side effects: The most common short term side effects are tiredness, skin changes and breast discomfort. Long term side effects are rare but can include lung irritation, cardiotoxicity, breast fibrosis, increased risk of rib fractures and second malignancy risk.
  • How is radiation done for breast cancer?
    Prior to starting radiotherapy, a CT simulation scan is first carried out. During simulation, you may be asked to lie in a specific position on the CT scanner, usually similar to the position you'll be in during actual treatment. Markers or tattoos may be placed on your skin to help the radiation therapists align your position properly during each treatment session. Next, your doctor and her team of radiation physicists and dosimetrists will plan the radiotherapy using the CT simulation scan to ensure that the radiation is targeted accurately and minimizes exposure to healthy tissue. Once the plan is ready and is approved to be safe by the doctor, treatment can be carried out. During each treatment session, a machine called a linear accelerator delivers the radiation to the patient.
  • Can breast radiotherapy cause lung damage?
    A small part of the lung will be included in the radiation treatment field and a small proportion of patients may experience radiation pneumonitis which is inflammation of the lung caused by the radiation. This is a treatable condition with oral medication.
  • Does radiation for breast cancer affect immune system?
    No, it does not affect the immune system. Radiotherapy is targeted at the breast tissue and will not cause any changes in immunity.
  • Does breast radiotherapy cause hair loss?
    No, it does not.
  • What happens after radiotherapy for breast cancer?
    After radiotherapy is completed, any side effects that the patient experienced during radiotherapy will gradually improve. Thereafter, patients will be monitored with regular follow up appointments.
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